April 30, 2012

Changed my mind!

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So… I changed my mind. I like the idea of putting black and white pictures inside my window frame rather than putting the wreath up. Once I get some hardware on the back, and finally hang up my window, I will post some more pictures. Here’s a sneak preview:



April 15, 2012

Updates in the Dining Room

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This is how I decorate with the TINY bit of money I get to use… I decided to go yard saling with my dear friend, Ashley, on Saturday and came across a few good finds.

Decor Windows- $5 a piece

Chest of drawers (which I cannot WAIT to paint)- $10!!!

Centerpiece- $1

I would say I got some GOOD deals.



I also decided to use the wreath I made a while ago on the window. Gives it a unique look!

April 13, 2012

Wrapping paper into Art!

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So I got this idea from a DIY site a long time ago. Found some cute wrapping paper around the house, got some cheap frames, and VOILA! We have art!


We decided to hang them in the bathroom, and it matches great!

April 12, 2012

Our first place, a constant work in progress!

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BEFORE: The Dining Room                                                                                                          AFTER: The Dining Room




AFTER: The Den


Lots of updates to come and lots of projects! Also, please know that with the first consultation, there will be no charge. I’d love to come look at your house to see how we can make it your home! Please contact me at if interested.

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