February 23, 2012

decorative burlap wreath

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Here is a wreath I made. This can be used for your front door, or inside used as decoration. This one is a little too small for my door, so I am going to use it as decoration.

If you are interested in purchasing one, it will be $40. You can pick the color ribbon and fabric you would like as well. Email me at if interested. Thanks!



February 22, 2012


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Here is the bookcase I decided to paint. It was an all day job, but totally worth it!

Before:                                                                                                   After:


Have some projects you just don’t have time to do?

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Then I am your girl!

I love/am midly obsessed with coming up with different projects to do around the house.

Do you ever find yourself on pinterest seeing all the cute DIY projects, but just don’t have time to do them? I can do them for you.

Have a room in your house you keep saying to yourself, “yep, next weekend we are gonna paint” and a month or two later it’s still not painted? I can paint it for you.

Have some cute bookshelves or items around the house that you’d love to paint? Why not ask me?

I am hoping to start a small DIY business and would love it if you’d give me the chance. If you, or if you know of anyone, that might be interested please give them my info!!! Thank you so much and I will be updating with different projects I’ve already done.

Lindsay Stippich

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